Bakery Products & Dough Conditioners

Bakery Products & Dough Conditioners

If you need help in choosing a shelf life extender, we would be happy to assist you. Just advise the specific product and desired results, in terms of days, so we can make some recommendations. We have many more items not listed here, so please contact us to further discuss your needs. We can also custom blend many products to meet your particular needs. Spec sheets and pricing are available upon request. We welcome all your questions.

USDA Grade A Table Eggs

  • Milk-Free is a soy protein based powder that replaces all milk powders/liquid in any dough or batter application. It is a pound for pound substitute for milk powders. Milk-Free can save up to 50% over traditional High-Heat NFDM (Non-Fat Dry Milk) powders.

Egg Replacer

  • Vita-Ex is a free flowing powder that contains some egg, but includes other ingredients to duplicate the functionality of eggs in any dough or batter. To replace 4lbs. of liquid whole eggs, you would use 1lb. of Vita-Ex and 3lbs. of water. You can replace 100% of the eggs in yeast raised breads and rolls, and up to 50% of the eggs in sweet goods such as cakes and muffins. Savings over liquid whole eggs can be up to 75%.

Soft Bake 1650

  • Is a highly concentrated blend of enzymes that is added to a recipe to increase shelf-life of yeast raised bread and rolls (refers to staling, not molding).

Soft Bake 4700

  • A blend of enzymes used to increase shelf-life of yeast raised bread and rolls ( again refers to staling, not molding )

SL 3000

  • A blend of enzymes, emulsifier and gum to significantly extend freshness/shelf-le of bread and rolls (yeast raised products).

C&M Shelf-Life Extender

  • An enzyme and emulsifier product to significantly extend the shelf-life and softness to any leavened baked goods.

Creme Cake Base

  • A concentrated base used with flour, water, sugar, eggs, and oil to make cakes, muffins, etc... (Synonymous with "Pudding Cake Base")

Bread Improvers and Dough Conditioners

  • We can custom blend such based on your budget and specific market needs. Our technical director can speak with you directly to develop products with short turn times

Extra-Life Mold Inhibitor

  • A value-added product that consists of encapsulated sorbic and fumaric acids which are activated in the oven when the shell coating melts due to the heat. This way the sorbic acid and fumaric acid do not interfere with the yeast fermentation process causing lack of volume and longer proof times. Extra-Life can increase shelf life 3 times over many traditional products in use today. Extra-Life works great in hot, humid environments and in situations where bakeries are looking to increase their distribution area.

Contact us for a full list of bakery additives, pre-mixes, conditioners, flavors, shelf life extenders and mold inhibitors we can supplyn area.