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Feeding the horse has traditionally been an art passed from father to son or from experienced trainer to ap prentice. However, recent advances in equine nutrition and physiology point us in areas never before explored. With this in mind, Fornazor International, Inc. is continuing its initiative to provide its international partners with the most current and cutting edge products and information available in the equine industry today. This search has led to the center of world’s horse industry, Lexington, Kentucky.
Hallway Feeds, manufactures what is recognized as the leading range of premium feed products exclusively designed for the thoroughbred, sport horse and all competitive equine disciplines. Combining the most current research and highest quality feed ingredients with arguably the most prestigious bloodstock in the world Hallway Feeds continually sets the standard of measure for the American equine feed industry. As an example of their standing, Hallway Feeds has been the Official Feed Supplier of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association since 1999. The NTRA is America’s governing body for the promotion and enhancement of thoroughbred racing. The quality of clientele who rely on Hallway Feeds is most impressive. Since 2000, thoroughbred trainers feeding Hallway Feeds Racing Products have earned over $385 million for first place finishes in black-type stakes in North American races alone. Hallway Feeds has fueled multiple winners of classic races including the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, Breeders’ Cup World Championships and the Dubai World Cup. A technology and marketing partnership forged between Fornazor International, Inc. and Hallway Feeds will provide international horsemen the highest quality formulas and information optimizing the opportunity to continually achieve desired results through premiere equine supplements.   ntra


Additional Products & Services

Race 13

  • The choice of the world’s leading trainers, Race 13® is the benchmark for equine performance diets. Extensive research, testing, and an impressive list of champions support the reputation of Race 13.
  • Highly palatable Race 13 makes available to the equine athlete a variety of energy sources selected to maintain a physical as well as a mental edge through a rigorous racing campaign. Beet pulp, a highly digestible fiber provides a unique source of energy, while vegetable oil is widely accepted as a compliment to the high performance diet.?
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Prep 14

  • Specially formulated for horses with low energy or digestive difficulties, Prep 14® provides a 20% boost in energy over conventional sweet feeds. Prep 14 is formulated to allow horsemen to safely exceed maintenance energy levels, thus increasing body condition and weight.
  • Veterinarians regularly recommend Prep 14 for convalescing or post surgical horses. Prep 14 contains highly digestible fiber and fat, for an exceptional “calming and cooling” mix. Horses from Stallions to Seniors benefit from this energy dense, highly palatable ration. Many leading sales agencies choose Prep 14 for prepping bloodstock for the sale ring.?
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  • Staminoats® has long been the recognized measure of premium pelleted equine feeds. Developed with the commercial breeding farm in mind, Staminoats is equally effective in maintaining gestating or lactating broodmares and providing required nutrients to growing young horses.
  • The 1/2 inch cubes are easy to feed, and they’re perfect for outdoor use, where waste is a concern. The cubes are ideal for winter feeding when textured rations can harden and in summer when sticky, molassesbased feeds can attract insects.?
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  • Fibrenergy® is a super premium, fully fortified, textured sweet feed formulated for competition horses. Manufactured with optimum levels of soluble fibers and oils, Fibrenergy provides a significant boost in energy over conventional sweet feeds.Soluble fiber from beet pulp and soy hulls, combined with oil, provides long lasting energy release and controlled performance.
  • Fibrenergy also includes the highest quality chopped North American Timothy and Alfalfa. Fibrenergy is highly palatable, ideal for horses that require high energy levels but reduced protein. It’s a calorie dense, “non-heating” feed perfect for horses that are difficult to handle or mentally too “high”.?
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  • Equibility is a fully fortified pelleted feed, formulated for the active, mature horse. Manufactured with sources of soluble fiber and vegetable oil, Equibility provides long lasting energy release and controlled performance. Diets with elevated grain levels may result in a horse that is difficult to handle. Equibility is calorie-dense but “non-heating”— perfect for horses that are difficult to handle or mentally too “high.”?
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  • Poize® is a premium quality textured sweet feed intended for mature horses experiencing light to medium levels of activity.
  • Wrapped in a light coat of molasses, the combination of top quality rolled and whole grains with an addition of highly digestible forms of fiber, like beet pulp and soy hulls, make Poize an extremely palatable and digestible product. In addition, Poize features the highest quality chopped North American Timothy and Alfalfa to enhance the nutritive package.?
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  • Protenza is a super premium fully-fortified textured sweet feed, formulated with the competition horse in mind. Manufactured with Protenza provides a 20% boost in energy over conventional sweet feeds. Soluble fiber and oils provide for long lasting energy release and controlled performance in the equine athlete.
  • Protenza is a highly palatable product ideal for any discipline requiring a feed with high levels of energy, but reduced protein content. Protenza is calorie-dense but “non-heating”—perfect for horses that are difficult to handle or mentally too “high.”??
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Luminance® Fortified Equine Conditioning Supplement

luminanceLuminance is the "next generation" in equine conditioning supplements. Developed by Hallway Feeds, Luminance combines a wealth of experience in the practical application of feeding the horse with ground breaking technology and the newest animal feed ingredient innovation. Designed to add energy to the ration of all classes of horses, Luminance also provides:
  • An increased level of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Supplemental levels of critical micro-minerals
  • A proprietary blend of equine specific yeasts
  • A highly bioavailable form of the natural antioxidant vitamin E
  • A formula of specific types and specially formulated nucleotides

Stamm®30 Premium Horse Supplement

Stamm 30 is the equine industries most highly valued protein, vitamin and mineral concentrate. Developed by Hallway Feeds, Stamm 30 is the product of choice in fortifying the world’s highest quality horse feeds. Stamm 30 is designed to be mixed as a component in complete feeds for foals, weanlings, yearlings, gestating and lactating mares, breeding stallions and performance horses. Stamm 30 may also be fed as a “top dress” for performance diets when the stress of high levels of physical activity requires the maximum level of nutrient fortification.

Everyone in the equine fraternity is searching for the competitive advantage and Stamm 30 supplies just that!

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Propietary Formulation & Custom Manufacturing

Propietary Formulation & Custom Manufacturing

If a specific equine nutritional need is not addressed by one of the many Hallway Feeds products, do not hesitate to inquire about formulating and manufacturing a specific feed ingredient or equine supplement to meet any particular requirement. The Hallway Feeds team is experienced in providing solutions for many unique situations.

Sport Force® Equine Animal Health

Sport Force® Equine Animal Health

SFlogoSportForce equine supplement products have been developed by Hallway Feeds along with a team of veterinarians, nutritionists and other equine and human researchers. These high quality equine supplements are substantiated by research, supported by clinical studies and specially formulated for all breeds and disciplines of horses. SportForce equine supplements offers products within five product categories, to meet the targeted needs of all horses. These include:
  • Digestive management
  • Antioxidants
  • Hoof and joint
  • Probiotics
  • Electrolytes
For more information on this line of products, visit https://www.fornazor.com/