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Profitability of AMINOPLUS

Profitability Of Amino Plus

Feed AMINOPLUS® for Increased Profitability

  • Feed AMINOPLUS® at a rate of 2 to 3 pounds per head per day.
  • The cost of replacing soybean meal is 3-4 cents per day.
  • Research trials show a milk production increase of up to 10% vs. non-RUP control.

Turn Pounds into Dollars with AMINOPLUS®

Increased Profitability, $/100 Cows/Day*

Milk,    healing     $/cwt
Response, %101214
4 (2.8 lbs)$24.00$29.60$35.20
6 (4.2 lbs)$38.00$46.40$54.80
8 (5.6 lbs)$52.00$63.20$74.40
*Estimates based on 70 pounds of milk per cow per day and 4-cent daily cost to add AMINOPLUS® to ration. Copyright © 2010 AminoPlus - All rights reserved.