No Yolk! We’ve Got Eggs

July 24, 2012

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Over the past 30+ years, Fornazor International has built its business on trading agricultural commodities. A relatively new commodity to the company’s portfolio is USDA shell eggs. We only work with suppliers who can meet the varying needs of the international market.
eggsOur eggs are farm fresh and offer superior flavor. With our years of experience exporting and a seasoned staff we can efficiently move these little gems from the USA to your
local port. We carefully monitor the container’s carrying temperature (38F/3.36 C), create the necessary documentation and provide egg-ceptional service, ensuring there are no surprises once the container is opened at its final destination.


IStock  ChickenEggs are transported aboard ocean vessels, in 40 ft refrigerated containers. Typically, there are 850 cases in a container, with 360 eggs per case. At 306,000 eggs per container, that’s a lot of eggs. Do you know that, eggs---when refrigerated--- can keep for more than six months? Eggs are nutritious and loaded with protein! We see them being sold to retail markets, as well as food service companies selling to hospitals, schools, restaurants, commercial bakeries, resorts, hotels and the military. It is difficult to find a healthier meal at such a low cost!

Don’t be chicken. Contact to find out more.

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    Fornazor International, Inc. currently supplies a wide range of feed ingredients to the export market. Our feed ingredients include animal proteins, such as poultry feed; vegetable proteins, such as distillers grains, corn gluten meal, and soybeans; and various marine proteins.

    We can also supply aquaculture feeds, pet foods, alfalfa pellets, forage grass and equine supplements and feeds. In addition, we have a full line of value added bakery ingredients and additives such as dough conditioners, as well as specialty foods. Contact us for more information.

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