The Benefit of Fish Oil for Your Animals

April 21, 2011

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In the last century, living a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and healthy food choices has become all the rage, and purchasing health supplements, herbal remedies and additives, like fish oil, have become increasingly popular. The popularity of health supplements, herbal remedies and additives derives from their proven benefits such improved heart function, improved vision and improved joint health. Not to mention that the Omega 3 oils, such as fish oil, provide important nutrients for proper immune system function and skin nourishment. But fish oils don't simply benefit humans, they are also beneficial for your pets and livestock because the same health benefits provided to humans are provided to animals.

In addition to the health benefits humans receive from fish oils, there are supplementary benefits of fish oil for animals. Omega 3 oils provide the important nutrients needed for a healthy and shiny coat, while helping to treat and prevent allergies in pets. Fish oils are also advocated to help treat inflammatory diseases in animals including kidney disease and heart disease, as well as elevated cholesterol, cancer, and arthritis. Pets and livestock with a variety of inflammatory diseases can potentially benefit from fish oil supplementation. Talk to your veterinarian or animal feed consultant about what is the best source of nutrients for your pets and livestock before administering any supplemental nutrients.

Your animals will begin benefiting from fish oil supplementation right away. Though your pets and livestock will benefit quickly, you probably won't notice a difference in your animal in 3-4 months. Your pet's body will begin changing from the inside out, beginning with individual cells and tissues and then organs, skin and coat. You pet will radiate their new, healthy lifestyle. Adding fish oil and other Omega 3 oils to your pet and livestock feed ingredients as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle may be one of the best actions you can take to improve your animals' quality of life and defend against inflammation and chronic ailments. If you have any questions about feed ingredients or other beneficial animal proteins or additives, contact Fornazor for more information.

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