Why Corn Gluten Meal Should be Considered for Feed Rations

October 19, 2011

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Corn gluten meal is a feed ingredient which is extracted from corn kernels after the larger part of the starch and germ have been separated during the corn milling process. It is a multi-functional ingredient that is a valuable source of protein as well as the amino acid methionine. Many farmers are now incorporating corn gluten meal into their animal feed rations as a nutritional additive. It also makes a great complement to other common protein sources, such as soybean meal.

At Fornazor International, Inc. we understand the benefits of using corn gluten meal in animal feed rations. It is best when combined with a variety of high-quality animal feeds because it is easy to digest and it is also low in ash, potassium, and sodium. And as mentioned before, Corn Gluten Meal is also a valuable source of non–allergenic proteins and methionine needed by livestock, pets and fish.

CGM ContAdding corn gluten meal to your livestock's feed will help your animals grow larger as well as give them more energy. This is especially important for animals such as cattle so that they can continue reproduction, lactation, and growth. Corn gluten meal also makes the perfect feed for poultry because the methionine helps the birds grow larger and produce more eggs. All of these results help farmers earn more profit from their livestock.

Our strong relationships with U.S. suppliers allow us to provide corn gluten meal of the highest quality. Specification sheets and pricing for corn gluten meal and other feed ingredients are available upon request. We welcome all of your questions so please contact us today and we can further discuss your animal feed needs.

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