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John Fornazor is Appointed to AFIA’s Trade Committee

March 26, 2018

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John Fornazor, CEO of Fornazor International, was appointed to the American Feed Industry Association's International Trade Committee. The AFIA is an industry association for feed ingredient buyers and sellers. The economic contribution of animal feed to the US economy is very important: in 2016, the animal food manufacturing industry contributed almost $300 billion in total US sales, employing over 940,000 people.

John Fornazor Green Ground Fornazor is a trader of feed and ingredients for dairy and poultry animals. The company exports to over 40 countries around the world.

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Global Poultry Outlook for 2018

December 21, 2017

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Vegetable Protein 307Rabobank, a global leader in food and agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented financing, has recently published its poultry outlook for 2018. The forecast predicts chicken prices will remain strong, particularly for whole chickens and breast meat. However dark meat prices have declined. The report cautions against over optimism due to not only A1, but also to exchange rates.

Fastest growing regions were identified as SE Asia and Eastern Europe.

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Why Corn Gluten Meal Should be Considered for Feed Rations

CGM Cont

October 19, 2011

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Corn gluten meal is a feed ingredient which is extracted from corn kernels after the larger part of the starch and germ have been separated during the corn milling process. It is a multi-functional ingredient that is a valuable source of protein as well as the amino acid methionine. Many farmers are now incorporating corn gluten meal into their animal feed rations as a nutritional additive. It also makes a great complement to other common protein sources, such as soybean meal.

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